JOIN US at the Jacky Durrell Pavilion - Penfield Beach!   Get your tickets TODAY!
JOIN US at the Jacky Durrell Pavilion - Penfield Beach! Get your tickets TODAY!


Please join us Saturday, September 16, 2017 at the Jacky Durrell Pavilion on Penfield Beach. We will enjoy the beach, the Super Weenie food truck and BYOB! No one will be able to complain that their favorite drink is unavailable ;)

ALL ARE WELCOME from classes '84-'90! If you knew our class we are happy to include you!!! If you moved but went to elementary or junior high with us, we welcome you too!

Tickets need to be purchased by August 31st!  Tickets WILL NOT be sold at the door. No one will be admitted without a ticket.​

Ticket price includes Pavilion rental and food truck food. This is a BYOB event.
Tickets are non-refundable.

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AWHS Class of '87 30th Year Reunion$ 65.00
Join us at the Jacky Durrell Pavilion - Penfield Beach!
When:09/16/2017 7 - 10 pm
Where:Jacky Durrell Pavilion - Penfield Beach
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Imre Olah
Camy Selig Selig (Deck)
Laura Butler (Dowling)
Vlad Hairy
Lori Strouch (Kolinsky)
Karen Patzelt (Kupinse)
Jonna Mack (Papazoglou)
Daniel Zalenski
Allen Levy
Paul Farina
Darren Hongo
Dawn Dober (LoVuolo)
Laurie Martino (Martino-Humphrey)
Dave Witherspoon (Shaw)
Tracey Bazyk
Vicky Mitsos (Hallstrom)
Noreen Godo (Rando)
James Karageorge
Amy Darrow (Darrow)
Stephanie Barnes
Linda Nobile (Erickson)
Alison Carcusa (Sterner)
Rob Foley
Chuck O'Hara
Allison Lashar (Cottle)
Brian Hogarth
Sandy Waugaman (Hogarth)
Domenic Lemma
Ginny Flynn (McAuliffe)
Polimarta Rubenstein
Stephen Rubenstein
William Shepro
Beth Ann Taterosian (Sieling)
Dawn Neokleous (Spremulli)
Miike Spremulli
Susanne Kuhl
Carin Olimpieri (O'Meara)
Gerry O'Meara
Mindy Stewart
Mary Kate O'Connor (Gobleck)
Bryan Isleib
Nicole Perkins (Perkins- Isleib)
Al Rich
Laura Rossi
Gloria Vargas
Andrew Carlson
Gregory This Made Me Giggle (Foster)
Laura Katz (Katz)
Lisa Knorra (Knorra-Foster)
Dan Konstanty
Allison Carter (Labovitz)
Laura Laumeyer (McBride)
Wendy Waldau
Al Levy
Tina Longo (Chopskie)
Ken Stone
Mike Bassick
April Smithies-Dallas (Harvey)
Rich/Rick/Richie//Richard Auerbach (Auerbach)
Todd Capute
Kate DeStefano (Ciardi)
Rebecca Wester (Hobbs)
Amy Wester (Stewart)
Craig Zolan
Bill DeFazio
Deborah Koch
Ana Gosp (Kurowski)
Karen Liebreich
Hugh Kline Jr.
Robyn Herman (Korchman)
Damon Linker
Laura Giesken (Muhl)
Candy Muldowney
Matthew Muldowney
Jenny Nicholas (Murphy)
Sue Solomon (Redgate)
Chris Young
Total 77